CIMI Corporation
Bringing Focus to Technology
Bringing Focus to Technology
About Tom Nolle

In 1982, we saw a market need for strategic consulting that was based on accurate data on market conditions, trends, and likely future requirements.  CIMI Corporation was founded that year, and from the first it was our goal to blend meticulous research and survey work with computer modeling of buyer and market behavior to create a true market model.  This model has been sustained since 1982 and has produced global telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) visions since then.

Every project in the technology space is focused on specific results but also living in the broad ecosystem.  We reflect that dualism in our approach.  We use our model to create an understanding of the market in which a project will mature and deploy, and then we use or strategic and technical skills to craft a specific program that exploits the client's unique value propositions within the reality of the ecosystem as a whole.

We know what buyers want.  We know how economic trends are driven, worldwide.  We understand regulations, advertising and promotion, sales management and incentives.  We can talk to your CMO, your CTO, your CFO, your CIO, and your CEO.  We can also talk to your developers, engineers, sales people, PR people, and support team.  We're holistic, because the market is.

What we aren't is a typical massive-engagement man-year-driven billing engine.  Our goal is to do the job that you need done, and let you do the rest.  We're not going to pad a project with massive manpower needs because frankly we're not interested in filling the role of a body shop.  We're a strategy shop, an idea engine.  We'll help you with the insights, help you with team-building if needed, and then let you do the rest with some oversight if you need it.

There's no need for long-term commitments with us.  We're happy to sell you a day, or an hour, of time and let our performance speak for itself.  Give us a chance, and we'll show you something truly different, and truly remarkable.


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