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Bringing Focus to Technology
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CIMI Corporation is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the development, marketing, deployment, and use of high-tech networking products and services. We offer three basic types of services to our clients; day-rate consulting, hourly-rate consulting, and document development. Click here for a sample of specific consulting focus areas.

Please note that while CIMI Corporation is classified as an "analyst firm" by the media and by many vendors, we're not a typical analyst firm because we publish syndicated reports very rarely. Our regular publications consist of a professional strategy journal published monthly, a premium daily blog on telecommunications, media, and technology, and a public blog.

Our strategic consulting services are based on an holistic industry modeling process that we developed and have maintained and used since 1991. This model uses surveys of enterprises and network operators as input, and predicts trends in the industry based on buyer behavior analysis. We believe our forecasts and insights are the best in the industry, and the reason is the quality of this model. Most of our consulting engagements relate to presentation of model insights and development of strategies and positioning based on those insights.

Day-rate consulting is provided on a full-day (9-5 or 8:30-4:30 depending on your location) at the customer site, or at a convenient meeting facility or hotel. Fees for this service are at the daily rate plus expenses; contact us for fee information. Generally, day-rate consulting requires booking six weeks or more in advance. Seminars and other speaking engagements are special cases of this type of consulting. An additional preparation charge is assessed based on the number of hours of presentation expected.

Hourly-rate consulting is provided via phone only. No hourly rate meetings will be accepted. Sessions can be scheduled only for one or two full hours consecutively, and are charged at the hourly billing rate. Contact us for current fee information. An additional charge will be assessed for phone time unless the client initiates the call or supplies a toll-free number or bridge number. Hourly-rate consulting is generally available on relatively short notice; five to seven working days.

Either day-rate or hourly-rate consulting can be applied in any of the following areas:

  • Market opportunity assessment, to define the value of market segments, their opportunity timing, and the means of addressing them.
  • Product requirements development, to define how a product could be targeted at a market opportunity.
  • Product marketing planning, to define how a marketing program set can be tuned to optimize sales success.
  • Press or public message planning, to optimize public and media positioning.
  • Financial due diligence to assess the business and technical credibility of a company when considering an investment there.

Document development includes the creation of white papers, presentations, marketing or technical material, etc. All of this material must be non-attributable to CIMI Corporation ("ghost-written"). A fixed price will be quoted for the development of a draft, based on word count, number of illustrations, etc. Output is generally delivered in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint format; contact us for the availability of other formats. A special formal quote and outline of work is required for this type of service, and delivery is generally within 30 days of approval of an outline. Consultation to develop content, or time spent in revisions, is chargeable at the hourly rate.

Tom Nolle is available for seminars, training programs, and other public speaking activities. We have specific training and seminar programs developed for each of the Market Area Focus report topics outlined in our Publications page! These can be presented either in a private client setting or at public events. Contact us for details on these seminars.

Seminar and Tutorial services are offered as consulting services, with payment for both the day(s) of the sessions and for preparation of specialized material as needed. We will advise you of whether there will be a preparation charge for a given program, and what that charge will be. Tom occasionally speaks at industry events. In most cases, payment for the day will be required. For some events he may speak at no charge providing that he has control of the content, but payment for expenses will always be required.

A more complete outline of specific consulting service areas is available by clicking here.

Please don't be offended, but we limit our consulting activity to areas where we believe in the strategic value of the technology, product, or service. We reserve the right to decline to provide services where we do not have confidence in the technology space represented.

For information on these, or related, topics, please contact us at

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