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Bringing Focus to Technology
Bringing Focus to Technology
Detailed Services Examples
Market Analysis 
  • Provide market forecasts for segments of the networking market, with segmentation offered both by type of product and class of buyer.
  • Provide analysis of the decision factors that influence buyers in a given market/market sector, and track trends in the development of these factors and on their relative influence.
  • Develop custom reports on market opportunity size and likely total market segment sales, segmented by product type and/or buyer class.
  • These forecasts and surveys can be based on custom surveying of a population target but we normally provide this data using our own survey base and market model.

Product Requirements Analysis/Review
  • Analyze existing products or product plans to determine if the product features and development schedule are consistent with optimizing market opportunity, or assess the impact of a specific proposed change in features or schedule on product sales.
  • Recommend specific product features and/or feature timings to address specific market opportunities or competitive situations.
  • Develop white papers on products and/or product features to aid in sales and marketing positioning.

Service Requirements/Opportunities Analysis
  • Forecast the specific opportunity for a given carrier service based on service features and pricing, and identify the market segments that would make up this opportunity.
  • Identify the buyer decision factors that would influence sales of the service, and how various strategies to influence these factors would impact service sales.
  • Develop service white papers to aid in service positioning to customers and the media.

Regulatory Analysis
  • Provide tutorial information on the state of telecommunications regulations, and predictions on the future regulatory actions likely to influence the industry.
  • Provide regular briefings on regulatory developments.
  • Provide impact analysis of real or proposed regulatory changes on the market, and on specific product, service, and buyer sectors.

Product Selection/RFP Guidance and Assistance
  • Consult on the development of requirements documents and RFIs or RFPs for the purchase of equipment or services.
  • Develop draft documents for submission to providers.
  • Develop a response evaluation guidelines set, with requirements weighting and impact analysis.
  • Consult in analysis of responses to RFIs or RFPs.
  • Develop an implementation plan for installation of new products or services, including a trial plan, cutover plan, and ongoing support plan.

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